Metal and Industrial Applications

   Various metals and desired finishes are achievable with the application of various types of blasting media and blasting techniques.

   We always use environmentally safe grit at our job sites ranging from nickel grit for most metal fabrications, to corncob or dry ice for more specific blasting applications.

   Our expertise in industrial applications allow us to blast delicate or high voltage machinery with no damage to the functioning components.

Metal/Custom Steel Fabrication

   We can remove welding, handling and wan marks from your metal fabrications allowing you to deliver a clean, paint-ready product to your customer.

   Our services are ideal for any fabricated metals which need to have coatings applied, or which require a finished look. (See our Painting and Coatings section)

Steel Rehabilitation

(Before rehabilitation)

   If your metallic surfaces contain rust, scratches, grime or unwanted paints/epoxy, we can quickly and safely remove these elements effectively restoring the metal.

(Agitator arm has been sandblasted)

   This leaves your project with a fresh, clean adhesive base, providing maximum adherence for all paints and epoxies. (See our Painting and Coatings section)

(Agitator arm has received first layer of epoxy coating.)

   We use a epoxy coating system consisting of several coats.

   Another original coating section is sandblasted and another layer of epoxy coating is applied to the arm.

   This process is repeated until the entire project is complete. We ensure the coating thickness during application using a wet film gauge and after curing using a dry film thickness gauge. Ensuring coating thickness is met to assure quality performance of the coating system for years to come.

   The finished product is ready for immersion at the waste water treatment plant.

Large-Pipe Blasting

   Our specialized equipment allows us to blast industrial piping internals. This is by far the most efficient and cost effective way to clean the internals of augurs and other pipe transportation equipment, restoring the equipment to the required specifications.



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